Our Mission is to ensure that consumers have options available to make informed housing decisions. Jacksonville Housing and Credit Counseling Services offers personal one-on-one intensive counseling to those seeking to purchase a home, save a home, or in need of rental assistance. We are also offer financial literacy workshops to groups at local businesses, civic organizations, and churches.  Jacksonville Housing and Credit Counseling Services is dedicated to providing home buyers and homeowners with a higher quality of counseling to include:


   - Home buyer Pre-purchase Counseling                                                           
   - Budgeting and Financial Management
   - Mortgage Default Counseling
   - Foreclosure Prevention Assistance                                                                                   
   - Post Purchasing Counseling
   - Predatory Lending Counseling and Awareness
   - Senior Housing Counseling and Education
   - Rental Assistance

      Hours of Operation

      Monday thru Friday  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


        Community Resources

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